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panzer / танковый, бронетанковый, бронированный
имя прилагательное
tank, armored, panzer, armoured
armored, panzer, armoured
armored, mailed, ironclad, shellproof, panzer, armoured
имя существительное
tank, panzer
имя существительное
a German armored vehicle, especially a tank used in World War II.
panzer divisions
Will new forms of military organization be required, analogous to the fast carrier task forces and panzer divisions that transformed warfare in World War II?
With their motorized and panzer divisions, the German Fourth Army in the north and the Tenth in the south played a crucial role in the advance and demonstrated the efficacy of the blitzkrieg.
The French adopted a rigidly set-piece defensive attitude, epitomized by the Maginot Line, while the Germans opted for fluid mobility, eventually epitomized by the panzer divisions.
Sixteen exhausted Soviet divisions were holding units of the 2nd and 3rd German panzer groups outside the encirclement ring.
panzer divisions
panzer divisions
Grouped into corps, the panzer divisions proved tactically and operationally decisive.