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panto / пантомима, язык жестов, представление для детей
имя существительное
pantomime, mime, panto, dumb show, mummery
язык жестов
pantomime, panto, finger language
представление для детей
pantomime, panto
all; universal.
In particular, he is aided by his 20 years in various roles in the regular panto in his home village of Harden.
This is my fourth panto and I always play the bad guy - I'm the bad guy specialist.
The group chooses a different panto to perform each year and this will be the 15th it has put on.
Many years ago they followed the long tradition of turning the story of the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe into a panto .
Jessica Knotts, 10, is making her debut in the panto this year as the Good Fairy.
Mark is also going to watch John Inman camp it up in a Cardiff panto .
The panto had been running from December 14 and was supposed to finish on Sunday.
Prop maker Peter Greenwood found a real mangle so the dame can wring clothes in the panto 's slapstick scenes.
Now in its 23rd year, the village panto is somewhat of an institution and attracts packed audiences.
All proceeds from the panto will be used to help community projects in Burnley.