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pantheon / пантеон
имя существительное
pantheon, Valhalla
имя существительное
all the gods of a people or religion collectively.
the deities of the Hindu and Shinto pantheons
Abbey at full stretch remains a great writer and he'll stay in the pantheon for all time.
This makes Hinduism unique in the sense that it is a monotheistic religion with a pantheon of manifested forms of God.
How wonderful to welcome countertenors into this elite vocal pantheon , and especially Taylor, who is definitely among the very best.
the pantheon of the all-time greats
John Rae may not be a household name in the pantheon of Arctic explorers yet, but if Ken McGoogan has his way, that will change.
The merging of local deities into a larger national deity and the incorporation of foreign deities into a specific pantheon were not limited to Egypt.
The Thanjavur paintings are intricately decorated with goldleaf and semi precious stones, most feature baby Krishna and other deities of the Hindu pantheon .
Doesn't the Torah describe man as being the very last creature to appear in God's pantheon ?
We decided to celebrate the Sabbats by composing rituals to Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon .
Superman and Batman and the rest of the superhero pantheon are more popular today than they've ever been.