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panorama / панорама, вид
имя существительное
panorama, prospect
view, kind, form, look, appearance, panorama
имя существительное
an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer.
the tower offers a wonderful panorama of Prague
The impact is estimated to remove 10 per cent of the panorama and seascape and will be visible for up to 60 km.
At its best, it manages to create a panorama of art and cultural history, that elusive cross-disciplinary blend so much on the lips of academics but still so exceptional.
I live in a small town on a hill that overlooks Beirut, the view from my balcony a breathtaking panorama .
From the back of a jeep I gazed at the rolling landscape - a vast panorama dotted with fruit trees and the grass-roof huts of scattered settlements.
Instead we are offered a panorama of uniquely flawed relationships each imbued with enough personality to be poignant and credible.
If one surveys the panorama of today's international left, Allende's legacy occasionally flashes and flourishes.
This tribute to half a century in TV is a wonderful panorama .
Here the view itself provided the catalyst as Ron created a living space offering a backdrop to the panorama , rather than the other way round.
Published in 1928, Rudolph Fisher's The Walls of Jericho presents a rich panorama of social classes in the late 1920s.
I strongly recommend that you go there, either on foot or by car as the view from there gives a panorama of Canterbury mountains.