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panoply / доспехи
имя существительное
armor, harness, arms, panoply, armour
снабжать доспехами
arm, equip, rig, panoply
имя существительное
a complete or impressive collection of things.
a deliciously inventive panoply of insults
The smiths, resplendent in the full panoply of Tuareg costume, had organised a dance in a dusty street that backed onto the hotel kitchen.
a deliciously inventive panoply of insults
Alongside, on a watch face, time has stood still; beneath it, in a panoply of colour, things begin to disintegrate into abstraction.
Kota Kinabalu has a panoply of starred and budget hotels ranging from the ultra luxurious to non-star accommodation.
As a weak or crippled body derives no advantage from a panoply of armour, which it will rather discard as being unable to bear it, so, in the same manner, a vigorous body causes affliction to a diseased soul by not being in conformity with its existing circumstances.
The resulting panoply of data has become the basis of an ambitious commercial service that IBM recently launched called WebFountain.
No one who engages the new panoply of associations and parties can fail to recognize the democratic pulse and possibilities.
a deliciously inventive panoply of insults
Each book that appears about her panoply of lovers serves to contrast with the fact that, although of course it was not his wife, he was only ever in love with one woman.
The entire panoply of human emotion was manifested in those 120 minutes.