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panic-stricken / охваченный паникой, одичалый
имя прилагательное
охваченный паникой
panic-stricken, planet-stricken, panic-struck, planet-struck
wild, panic-stricken
имя прилагательное
affected with panic; very frightened.
the panic-stricken victims rushed out of their blazing homes
‘I think I need to go to the hospital right now,’ I said to the husband, who looked panic-stricken .
The panic-stricken parents of the three-year-old from Chippenham took her to Bristol Royal Infirmary on Friday night, after she developed a high temperature and sickness.
While other passengers were wholly panic-stricken , a worker at the station pressed the emergency button which stopped the train, preventing the accident turning into a tragedy.
And the government's reaction, veering in panic-stricken indecision from one wildly contradictory solution to another, is also traditional.
It was the most costly of a series of hurried clearances from panic-stricken and nervous City players.
There are others who are afraid of drastic change, while some are panic-stricken at the mere thought of change.
An emergency telephone operator has received a top award after she talked a panic-stricken woman through a terrifying fire ordeal.
We believe that argument to be absurd and fallacious, and hope that defenders of liberty will recognise that it is exactly this kind of panic-stricken measure that will most gratify the killers.
The then nine-year-old alerted her mother after retrieving emergency numbers from the top of a kitchen press and looked after her panic-stricken younger brother until help came.
I was panic-stricken , and could do nothing except run and run to escape the police.