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panellist / дискуссионной группы
участник дискуссии
panelist, group member
участник дискуссионной группы
Harding reappeared as a panellist on the fifth programme, broadcast on 13 August 1951.
Three of the four panelists are current or former editorial page editors.
The range of phenotypes both among panelists and among members of the audience was huge.
Not that the webcast was entirely doom and gloom; panelists examined ways to adapt.
Four panellists take questions from the audience on issues such as the cost of organic food, GM safety, affordability of good quality food, and the viability of buying local produce.
And the commission has continued to let the candidates nominate and veto panelists .
The panelists were discussing what it takes to be a good anchor in newsrooms today.
In the end, each side of the panellists agreed that the two countries should bridge the gap and merge their strengths together.
Viewers will be invited to enter the discussion with Ray and the panellists through email and text, with a weekly challenge to beat the expert panel's score predictions.
The three were panelists during a discussion here on Saturday about the prospects of the upcoming Assembly session.