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panel / панель, комиссия, панно
имя существительное
panel, pane, pavement, dado
commission, committee, panel
имя прилагательное
обшивать панелями
обшивать филенками
составлять список присяжных
impanel, panel, empanel
имя существительное
a flat or curved component, typically rectangular, that forms or is set into the surface of a door, wall, or ceiling.
a layer of insulating material should be placed between the panels and the wall
a small group of people brought together to discuss, investigate, or decide on a particular matter, especially in the context of business or government.
we assembled a panel of experts
cover (a wall or other surface) with panels.
an elegant paneled dining room
It is also not uncommon in medium to long cases, for jurors on the panel from which the final random selection will be made, to be asked to answer a short questionnaire.
The fire resulted from a short in an electrical panel that ignited flammable materials in the 100-percent-oxygen atmosphere.
Because then they get to purge the jury panel of anyone who expresses qualms about the death penalty.
The young performers were auditioned in groups of eight and sang for 45 seconds for a panel of four judges.
Marsh spoke on a panel of four mental health provider organizations.
However, because paintings played a secondary role in Gonse's book, his discussion on the panel appeared deep within his text.
a control panel
A printed notice, in similar terms, is handed to all members of the jury panel when they commence their duties.
I've checked all the driver versions in the control panel , and they're all definitely the latest.
Ironically enough, debate continues over the division of labor and the artist responsible for the design of the central panel .