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panegyric / панегирик, похвала
имя существительное
panegyric, eulogy, encomium, laudation, eulogium
praise, compliment, commendation, credit, panegyric, recommendation
имя прилагательное
panegyric, eulogistic, panegyrical, laudatory, eulogistical, encomiastic
laudatory, eulogistic, complimentary, encomiastic, panegyrical, panegyric
имя существительное
a public speech or published text in praise of someone or something.
Vera's panegyric on friendship
In what was more of a panegyric than an analysis, his obituarist described him as someone who ‘fought for human rights and against injustice’.
I consider my rant an ethical warning, a panegyric for the unlived life.
This is not intended as a panegyric to Terry Reilly.
The panegyric is directed toward the image of Louis, as signified by the bust, the statue, the fleurs-de-lis, and the words of the dedication, with which one of the Muses illustrates a central banner.
‘I profess to write, not his panegyric , but his Life,’ Boswell stated; ‘which, great and good as he was, must not be supposed to be entirely perfect.’
He is commemorated by a gilded bronze effigy in his chapel in St Mary's, Warwick, and an illustrated panegyric by the Warwickshire antiquary John Rous.
The two versions of the Pilgrimage present the Venus term and the statue of Venus, respectively, as objects of praise analogous to that of the official panegyric , with the rose of Venus substituted for the royal fleur-de-lis.
As a member of the steering group for the inaugural Edinburgh Art Festival, I wrote a panegyric extolling the possibilities of our brave new project.
This is not, however, a sycophantic panegyric to Haston or a simple account of his many achievements; the author acknowledges Haston's failings as a climber and as a man.
The combination of affection, humour and critical comment makes you trust this author and the genuineness of her familial bond far more than a worshipful panegyric ever would.