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pane / панель, оконное стекло, клетка
имя существительное
panel, pane, pavement, dado
оконное стекло
windowpane, pane
cell, cage, square, check, birdcage, pane
имя существительное
a single sheet of glass in a window or door.
Doors with glass panes require a double-cylinder deadbolt to prevent someone from breaking the glass, reaching in and unlocking the door.
Click on a file in any of 220 formats and it will be displayed in the viewer pane .
It has some great features, including tabbed documents and a multi-pane screen with the ability to keep notes in a separate pane .
And better yet, the top half of the door was a large pane of glass that gave him a great view of the kitchen.
The glass pane on the door and every window were reduced to tiny fragments.
It is still out of bounds, its ghostly emptiness - whole streets without a single pane of glass intact - telling its own poignant story.
This cover bears a pane of nine stamps from the Wedgwood £3 book of stamps and is unaddressed.
The pane of 24 stamps also contained 24 connecting tabs in 12 designs.
The entire outside wall was a single pane of glass, covered only by a lacy curtain.
Each booklet contained a pane of 10 37c stamps from the current definitive range.
The View tab under the Settings menu allows you to add or remove items displayed on the Task pane .