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pander / потворствовать, пособничать, сводничать
indulge, pander, encourage, connive, gratify, cater
pimp, procure, pander, bawd, bawdry
имя существительное
pimp, procurer, pander, cadet, go-between
accomplice, abettor, pander, associate, ally, encourager
имя существительное
a pimp.
Fiesta also means ‘party’ in Spanish, and Trujillo's panders always tell the girls they are invited to a party.
gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire, need, or habit or a person with such a desire, etc.).
newspapers are pandering to people's baser instincts
This strategy, admirable in its refusal to pander to European popular tastes, will of course never, ever, give Turkey a winning song.
‘It is not the quality of the product that is at issue, it is the changing of a tradition to pander to different tastes,’ he said.
It therefore made good economic sense to pander to popular taste and reaffirm the unique selling points of mainstream Indian cinema.
On her arrival in London the country wench of Michaelmas Term is immediately given the advice by her pander that ‘Virginity is no city trade’.
Figures representing the other three terms (Trinity, Hilary and Easter) enter, leading a ‘poor’ man who is made ‘rich’ as they present him with rich apparel, a page and a pander .
But of course he was writing to satisfy his literary muse, not to pander to the base tastes of his public.
Excessive gift-giving is now so entrenched in Hollywood culture that a company has been set up just to pander to the tastes of the A-listers.
They have been replaced by a blackcurrant variety to pander to tastes beyond the county.
Perhaps this is an example of where pandering to the masses is not always as attractive as it intuitively seems.
The Government should not be pandering to public taste in the arts, but rather driving it.