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pandemonium / столпотворение, смятение, свистопляска
имя существительное
pandemonium, welter
confusion, disarray, turmoil, tumult, commotion, pandemonium
hell, inferno, Hades, pandemonium, Gehenna, Abaddon
имя существительное
wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.
pandemonium broke out
On the collective level, poison gas created confusion and pandemonium .
It was complete pandemonium in the Peterson household the week before the wedding.
There would be political pandemonium if it were actually proposed, however.
Clamor and outrage broke out and pandemonium reeked more havoc than anything else could.
There was pandemonium at the docks as people tried to get out by boat, but the North Vietnamese were just across the river.
I knew that a lack of heir undoubtedly lead to pandemonium and anarchy.
There was a lot of screaming, panic and pandemonium .
Uproar and pandemonium followed, matched only by that of the previous week when Mr. Loy won twice.
It has been pandemonium in Korea this past week, with normally-reserved people giving vent to joyful feelings in a way they probably never have.
How appalling for people living and running businesses beside this noise, mess and pandemonium .