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pancake / блин, оладья, посадка с парашютированием
имя существительное
pancake, slapjack, flapjack
fritter, muffin, pancake, leatherjacket, flapjack, slapjack
посадка с парашютированием
parachute, pancake
имя существительное
a thin, flat cake of batter, usually fried and turned in a pan. Pancakes are usually eaten with syrup or rolled up with a filling.
I cook risotto and cakes, puddings and pancakes .
with reference to an aircraft) make or cause to make a pancake landing.
he pancaked it in about twenty meters
flatten or become flattened.
the hotel had pancaked into a heap of concrete
The pancake batter is the nice homely type we all know and love.
Those that wisely left room for dessert can sample the variety of delicious ice cream cakes, or choose a pancake with a sweet filling of their choice.
The simplest way to make pancakes is still a favourite - a basic pancake batter made with three ingredients flour, eggs and milk.
Her face creased with worry, exaggerated by the layer of pancake that hid the black eye she'd landed herself with.
Make-up is not about applying of pancake , dabbing rouge and lipstick.
The savoury pancake option, rolled with ham, gherkin, and mayonnaise, was also sampled without complaint.
Somehow the sight of five very masculine black men in heavy pancake did not diminish the fact that this was still a guys' movie.
The whole building is constructed to pancake rather than spill everywhere.
Then, he says, slice some bananas on to the pancake and cover with toffee sauce.
His vegetable plate, anchored by a pea pancake , white-bean-and-spring-green strudel, and stuffed onion, is the best in town.