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pamper / баловать, изнеживать
indulge, pamper, spoil, pet, coddle, cosset
pamper, feminize, coddle, effeminate, mollycoddle, emasculate
indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil.
famous people just love being pampered
While the establishment seemed to spoil the rich, she took the liberty to pamper the poor.
Be sure to pamper your face, giving this skin some extra attention.
For two days, she can indulge in a combination of fitness activities, pampering treatments and as much yoga as she likes.
Resting and perhaps spoiling and pampering players in fact I believe can backfire and make them more prone to injuries.
The United States has the most spoiled, pampered and coddled athletes in the world.
Very few taxes are perfect, and our electoral system - with its over-representation of big agricultural states in the Senate - already pampers the rural.
Developed much more recently than Vail, Beaver Creek pampers visitors with escalators between its main village plaza and the lifts.
From the moment you are met at Malé airport you are pampered and cosseted and looked after.
Ishaan is not spoilt even though Shahid pampers him to the core and neither are any of the other kids.
And any sweet or spicy taste puts you in a relaxed, pampered state of mind, ready for further indulgence.