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palter / кривить душой, хитрить, плутовать
кривить душой
prevaricate, palter, speak against one's convictions
dodge, be cunning, palter, fox, shuffle, practise deceit
sharp, juggle, palter, shark
equivocate or prevaricate in action or speech.
He is the patron saint of fibbing (also known as paltering ).
trifle with.
this great work should not be paltered with
if you palter or double in your answers, I will have thee hung alive in an iron chain
He sought - and found - a man who paltered with the truth and monkeyed with the work of officials.
It is the worse, then, when he palters with the terms of banishment, allowing Bolingbroke to return in six years, Mowbray never.
What a paltering - what a childish paltering - unworthy of a schoolboy - is his solemn denial that the Pilgrims sailed for New England because they were persecuted.
He is the patron saint of fibbing (also known as paltering ).
‘Was I a preacher?’ Pain asked of Anderson, ‘no I was a palterer , and my living was but in paltry, and I had no mind to mend yet.’
Too much paltering in journalism is fatal to a writer's development.
Britain's decline in military and economic power forced Churchill to move "from conjurer to palterer ," from someone who could transform the Dunkirk retreat into a victory, to someone who could only pretend to play the role of leader of a great power.