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palpitate / трепетать, биться, пульсировать
tremble, flutter, thrill, shiver, quiver, palpitate
beat, fight, struggle, chip, pound, palpitate
pulsate, pulse, pump, palpitate
(of the heart) beat rapidly, strongly, or irregularly.
it wakened him in the night with a palpitating heart
They positively palpitate at dramatic accounts of unbelievers crying out for sacraments, or trembling with terror as the demons drag them into the inferno.
Apparently, we are more tolerant - our blood pressures don't go up, our hearts don't palpitate and our kids can't be traumatized.
My heart would palpitate and sweat glands shift into overdrive.
Anyone wondering why people palpitate over the exploitation genre will have a hard time finding such excitement incentives here.
One's heart palpitated for the duo whilst feeling their pain when their bodies - hands, feet and all - pressed against one another in uncomfortable maneuverings.
She could feel her heart palpitating as she remained seated there.
It seemed to take an eternity to reach the landing, and her heart palpitated with self-consciousness.
Her heart was still palpitating like that of a bird.
She palpitates visibly, and retires to the photocopier.
THERE I was, heart palpitating after Laois minors' injury time equaliser against Westmeath in Croke Park last Sunday, but still there was work to be done.