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palpate / пальпировать, ощупывать
feel, palpate, grope
examine (a part of the body) by touch, especially for medical purposes.
No mass was palpated on physical examination, and her mammography was negative.
The ureteral catheters enable the surgeon and assistant to see and palpate the ureters during the procedure.
If the bald spot is predominantly unilateral, the physician should palpate the occiput for significant flattening.
The physician should palpate bony prominences and tendinous insertions near the heel and midfoot, noting any tenderness or palpable defects.
During the examination, the clinician should palpate the skin for temperature changes.
The patella and its supporting structures, bilateral joint lines and collateral ligaments are palpated for tenderness, crepitus and localized swelling.
Because the patient was obese, the uterus and ovaries could not be palpated clearly at pelvic examination.
On physical examination, fundal height was 38 cm and a large fetal head was palpated .
An abdominal mass has occasionally been palpated , and rectal examination has frequently revealed a mass in the region of the bladder.
The physician palpates the joint line on the dorsum of the foot and passively flexes and extends the toe to locate the joint line.
No other lesions were palpated , and the remaining physical examination findings were unremarkable.