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palomino / паломино
имя существительное
a pale golden or tan-colored horse or pony with a white mane and tail, originally bred in the southwestern US.
Arabs were the most beautiful, especially palominos , with golden bodies and silver hair,
a variety of white grape, originally grown around Jerez in southern Spain, used especially to make sherry and fortified wines.
Palomino is a white grape widely grown in Spain and South Africa, and best known for its use in the manufacture of sherry.
Carys, the other mare, was a palomino , so light in color she was almost white.
She yelled, descending down the steps of the caravan, grabbing the reins of Yew, the palomino horse, who was snorting and stamping nervously.
He let out a piercing whistle, and a marvelously colored palomino stepped out from the trees.
Charlie left town on his roan with the palomino and a donkey laden down with supplies.
The palomino horse was breathing heavily with all the running, and he deserved rest.
A man sat atop of a magnificent palomino stallion, the stallion's mane blowing in the new morning's wind.
So when it came time to teach Penny, my palomino Quarter horse filly, how to neck rein, I turned to Patty for some advice.
He started breeding his own horses and combined his penchant for the palomino coloring with his choice of horse breeds.
A 14-year-old palomino gelding died after it was charged by a stallion while the horses were being unloaded from a train.
They were grooming a palomino , quiffing up his mane and tying it with a red ribbon.