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palm-top / пальмовое-топ
имя существительное
a computer small and lightweight enough to be held in one hand.
That's because the diminutive size of handheld computers - PDAs, palmtops or Pocket PCs - is both a blessing and a curse.
‘Certainly,’ he replies, making a few commands on his palmtop computer and handing it to Adele.
With the advent of the mobile phone, e-mail and the palmtop , workers are supposedly benefiting from greater freedom and more time to enjoy themselves.
The spirometer was connected to the palmtop computer via a serial port.
Even laptops and palmtops are taking over the erstwhile super computers' importance.
Its software lets companies access their computer systems from anywhere in the world, offering access by palmtops , laptops or mobile phones.
It remains to be seen if this is the first of many such viruses on palmtop computers.
Soon we will start to see devices arriving that combine palmtop computers with cellphones with Internet devices with GPS systems.
Bluetooth allows gadgets such as palmtops , printers and cellphones to communicate over the air at 1 megabit per second.
If you have an Internet café at your church, guests will want to access the Internet from their laptops, palmtops , and PDAs.
Laptops, palmtops , and other gadgetry are quickly taking over many campuses.