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palliative / паллиатив, полумера, смягчающее обстоятельство
имя существительное
palliative, makeshift, stopgap
palliative, half-measure
смягчающее обстоятельство
имя прилагательное
emollient, extenuating, soothing, palliative, relaxing, alleviative
имя прилагательное
(of a treatment or medicine) relieving pain or alleviating a problem without dealing with the underlying cause.
short-term, palliative measures had been taken
имя существительное
a palliative remedy, medicine, etc..
But we need much more than news about the latest theories and scientific findings on preventive measures, palliatives and cures.
I'll be interested to see if it offers any greater palliative effect.
Of course, these were only palliative measures.
As a practical matter, the current legal regime substitutes palliative euphemisms for useful controls on police discretion.
The solution should be sought in fast and radical changes to the law on the health insurance system, not in palliative measures like deferment or waiver of debts.
What this palliative fails to address is the involvement of the directors themselves in CEOs’ criminal activity.
If not, the measure would be a simple ineffective palliative , but not a solution to the problem.
Disgusted with the bland, palliative Lutheranism of his day, he stresses duty, self-sacrifice, and total commitment.
While we all can understand how belittling that experience must have been, shooting the messenger is never the recommended palliative .
After ten years of palliative measures, the fundamental problems of the Japanese economy are nowhere near a solution.
It had to resort to palliative measures such as social assistance, and a restructuring plan for the Belgian industry, which was hardest hit by the crisis.