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pall / покров, пелена, завеса
имя существительное
cover, covering, veil, coat, blanket, pall
veil, shroud, sheet, pall
veil, curtain, screen, pall, riddel
bother, annoy, nag, bore, pall, pester
pall, become boring
satiate, glut, cloy, pall, pall on, surfeit
имя существительное
a cloth spread over a coffin, hearse, or tomb.
During the mass, they covered the coffin with a pall , some kind of cloth. we took it off on the way out the door to the church, and then draped the American flag over his coffin.
a dark cloud or covering of smoke, dust, or similar matter.
a pall of black smoke hung over the quarry
an ecclesiastical pallium.
The bishop's Pall typ­ifies the wandering sheep, and the Prelate, when arrayed in this vestment, bears the image of the Saviour Christ.
become less appealing or interesting through familiarity.
the novelty of the quiet life palled
a pall of black smoke hung over the quarry
The rain has stopped, but a gray pall still hangs in the air, claiming the day as its own.
A pall of misery hangs over the film until about the last 20 minutes.
In the afternoon pall of a holiday weekend - everyone seems to have left the neighborhood, it seems - I went for a walk.
There was an enormous pall of smoke everywhere.
The most famous skyline in the world had been changed forever, and in its place hung a pall of smoke and dust in the clear autumn sky.
A heavy pall of dense black smoke and fumes poured from the building.
Despite a bulging schedule of films and the presence of filmmakers of renown, a pall hung over last year's Local Heroes Film Festival.
torture and murder have cast a pall of terror over the villages
Pouring from the top of this volcano, like smoke out of a factory chimney, is a rapidly spreading pall of what looks like steam.