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palisade / частокол, палисад, забор
имя существительное
stockade, palisade, paling, pale
palisade, paling, zareba, zariba
fence, fencing, palisade, paling
обносить частоколом
palisade, picket, piquet, empale, impale, pale
имя существительное
a fence of wooden stakes or iron railings fixed in the ground, forming an enclosure or defense.
Houses may be round, square, or beehive-shaped; in some areas, clusters of huts are enclosed in wooden palisades .
enclose or provide (a building or place) with a palisade.
Significantly, Fred Edwards and Hartley Fort have produced evidence for Late Woodland-Mississippian interaction and, like Aztalan in eastern Wisconsin, these sites were palisaded .
The school has already had to put up a palisade fence inside the school grounds to protect the quadrangle and has been employing a security guard to patrol when the school buildings are hired out.
Johannesburg City Parks has made the reserve a flash point of development, undertaking upgrades that include a new guardhouse, a borehole and a concrete palisade fence.
By renovating the palisade fence around the centre, we want to keep our facilities visible to the public so that locals can assist us by keeping an eye out for any unlawful activities in our yard.
The house was surrounded by yards and defended by a wooden palisade around the edge of the hill.
This is notably different from the one at La Joyanca, which was only about half a metre high and served as a base for a wooden palisade .
The palisade fencing which was promised to seal off the play area in the Curragh Downs estate is now in place.
He looked around the village, which consisted of half a dozen mud huts and a wooden palisade with a ditch surrounding it.
Alison Roberts, 20, from Exeter University, works on the palisade of the Iron Age settlement at Sutton Common, near Doncaster.
The town was ablaze, the wooden palisade was a now raging ring of inferno.
The side was covered with a wooden palisade fence, with barbed wire on the top.