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palimpsest / палимпсест
имя существительное
имя существительное
a manuscript or piece of writing material on which the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing but of which traces remain.
By going back to journal entries in which I initially recorded some of the events that surfaced in the ‘written’ writing, I was able to locate an initial palimpsest , or precipitate, of the writing.
London is a palimpsest : a parchment that has been over-written, time and again, by successive events in its chequered history.
Every city is an urban palimpsest , a used parchment covered with the fragmentary scrawls of its own past.
Following poems develop a manner of writing which relies heavily on language as a palimpsest of attitudes and learned response so as to undermine these.
It was in effect a palimpsest of the best of previous translations, corrected and winnowed through almost a hundred years of development.
Structure, services, surveyor's marks, and post-construction graffiti are overlaid as the most recent inscriptions on the palimpsest of the building.
What the project has found is that there never was a unitary pagan past; instead there is a palimpsest of myths and legends, places and landscapes, changing and continuing.
The buyer allowed the palimpsest (a scraped and overwritten parchment) to be conserved, photographed, and displayed at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore.
Sutton Place is a palimpsest of the taste of successive owners
The effect is like a surrealist making a palimpsest out of a mannerist piece of art.
An anonymous private collector who bought the palimpsest for $2 million at auction in 1998 has loaned the manuscript to the Walters Art Museum and is funding the studies.