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palaver / пустая болтовня, переговоры, совещание
имя существительное
пустая болтовня
guff, idle talk, palaver, hot, rigmarole, lip labor
conversation, talk, negotiation, discussion, parley, palaver
conference, session, consultation, counsel, council, palaver
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, palaver
flatter, cajole, adulate, toady, compliment, palaver
заговаривать зубы
имя существительное
prolonged and idle discussion.
an hour of aimless palaver
talk unnecessarily at length.
it's too hot for palavering
Tons of people enjoy lurid palaver on an astonishingly wide variety of topics, and your specific frame of reference is not a bit rare.
I'm just trying to say that food can be normal and not actually a huge great palaver .
We found a bar and had a couple of drinks and, after some palaver , managed to order some food, and we chatted about all sorts of stuff.
Since I've started the whole palaver , I may as well carry it forward.
The administration may be doing the press a small favor by snubbing it, freeing reporters to abandon their scripted palaver and dig elsewhere for stories.
There's some big issues to consider with all this marriage palaver .
Jo also sent me running for the dictionary when, after observing a particularly chaotic family row, she turned to the camera and exclaimed, ‘What a palaver !’
The author of this nauseating palaver is obviously so in love with what he thinks is his own eloquent rhetoric that he fails to notice his laughable double entendre.
It was quiet all around the pot-bellied stove when Jesse, the elder, finished his palaver .
At first it seems like an awful lot of palaver , but actually the crepe maker is rather a good idea because you can't get them thin enough in an ordinary frying pan.