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palatine / пфальцграф, небные кости
имя существительное
palatine, count palatine, earl palatine, palsgrave
небные кости
palatines, palatine bones, palatine
имя прилагательное
palatine, palatal
имя прилагательное
(of an official or feudal lord) having local authority that elsewhere belongs only to a sovereign.
The earls and bishops palatine were powerful men, but subjects they remained.
of or relating to the palate or especially the palatine bone.
The two tonsillar pillars define the palatine tonsils anteriorly and posteriorly.
имя существительное
each of two bones within the skull forming parts of the eye socket, the nasal cavity, and the hard palate.
The palatines are dermal bones in the mid-palate.
имя существительное
a village in northeastern Illinois, northwest of Chicago; population 67,080 (est. 2008).
Symptoms of strep throat may include pharyngeal erythema and swelling, tonsillar exudate, edematous uvula, palatine petechiae, and anterior cervical lymphadenopathy.
The three distinct tonsillar masses include the palatine , lingual, and pharyngeal (clinically, the adenoids), which form an incomplete ring around the entrance to the throat.
The county of Cornwall, although not normally reckoned a palatine county, has a similar status to Lancashire.
An example of a palatine earl was William fitz Osbern, who was made earl of Hereford in 1066 or 1067.
The two tonsillar pillars define the palatine tonsils anteriorly and posteriorly.
In Chester the palatine earl had a master serjeant of the Peace.
The lingual artery may provide the following unusual branches: the superior laryngeal, the submental, and the ascending palatine arteries.
Figure 3 shows the needle penetrating the tissue of the palatine tonsil in an attempt to drain an abscess.
The blood supply of the palate is provided anteriorly through the incisor foramen and posteriorly through the great palatine foramen where the great palatine artery emerges.
Speeding down the M6, we entered the county palatine of Lancashire.