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palatial / роскошный, дворцовый, великолепный
имя прилагательное
luxurious, sumptuous, splendid, deluxe, palatial, rich
palace, palatial
great, sumptuous, gorgeous, magnificent, excellent, palatial
имя прилагательное
resembling a palace in being spacious and splendid.
her palatial apartment in Chicago
Alone and friendless in the bowels of one of his many palatial hideouts he must still, surely, nurse his grandiose ambitions.
This is a man with millions and four fancy cars standing outside his palatial home!
The tin shacks of the township are within a few hundred metres of palatial houses - rich and poor have become unwilling neighbours.
The road even links that palatial governor's mansion to the even more majestic river.
He offers Brandon a big salary increase and a palatial apartment if he will re-locate and work for him.
He didn't foresee the palatial palaces of today where the punter can see live racing.
He also owns a palatial home in Srinagar, apart from numerous apartments in choice New Delhi location.
The mausoleum is part of a vast complex with a main gateway, garden, mosque, guesthouse and several other palatial buildings.
I was expecting his residence to be of palatial proportions.
And it means living in palatial houses with exquisite tile, granite or marble flooring and owning plush cars.