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palaeontology / палеонтология
имя существительное
paleontology, palaeontology
He envisioned the nature of science and understood the roles of palaeontology , zoological geography, and animal psychology.
After publication of the palaeomagnetic results, other field studies have supported this hypothesis on the basis of palaeontology and stratigraphy and matching of Devonian palaeocurrents and structural patterns.
Insect palaeontology depends on assigning fossils to extant taxa usually on the basis of wing characters.
But there should be some mechanism that protects the rare fossils and the important sites that the science of palaeontology depends upon.
Its biennial meetings in Strasbourg are major events in the geological calendar and the programmes include papers on most aspects of the Earth sciences, including palaeontology .
In practice, the book is a rambling history of discoveries, geology, astronomy, palaeontology , chaos theory and graphing techniques with more than a few unqualified generalisations.
And the same objection can be raised against any of the historical sciences including astronomy, evolutionary biology, geology and palaeontology .
The nine cored boreholes, four of which encountered chert beds, provide evidence of the stratigraphy, structure, palaeontology and depositional setting of the Rhynie and Windyfield cherts.
In an attempt to resolve this conundrum, we have carried out multidisciplinary research involving field studies, radiometric dating, geochemistry, palaeontology and palaeomagnetism.
Wells synthesises the genetic evidence with current research in geology, palaeontology , archaeology, anthropology and linguistics to make a robust case for his account of the human journey.