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pal / приятель, дружок, товарищ
имя существительное
friend, buddy, pal, mate, man, fellow
boyfriend, pal, chummy
comrade, friend, companion, fellow, mate, pal
be friends, keep company, pal, pal up, neighbor, neighbour
make friends, pal, pal up, herd, pal up with
имя существительное
a friend.
we're best pals
spend time with a friend.
we got acquainted but we never really palled around
имя существительное
the television broadcasting system used in most of Europe.
Are you going to races all your life or are you going to finally get in the race, pal ?
This is Southern California, pal , where physical imperfection will NOT be tolerated.
back off, pal
In other words, you try to take what's mine, pal , and I'm going to stop you with the best means available.
Paramedics have been asked by bosses not to call people duck, pal , love or mate for fear of causing offence.
I also remember you said you would be coming along on that little road trip too, pal .
This is one of those bars where lads who used to be bad boys drink and the staff call you pal , not sir.
back off, pal
But he is confident his old pals will do the business and launch the club into Division One.
She never saw her school pals , who sent her video messages and letters of comfort.