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pairing / спаривание
имя существительное
pairing, mating, coupling, copulation, tread
имя существительное
an arrangement or match resulting from organizing or forming people or things into pairs.
the dancers made a fine pairing
join or connect to form a pair.
a cardigan paired with a matching skirt
Their defeat owed much to the magnificent central midfield pairing of Scholes and Nicky Butt, who were the heart of the side.
Father and son pairing of Mark and Matt Burrows helped Pocklington to a 6-3 home win over RI Thursday ‘B’ in Men's Two.
Hard and fast rules of wine and food pairing may be a thing of the past, but a few basic matchmaking ‘do's’ make sense and serve only to enhance the dining experience.
Because translocations alter the normal patterns of chromosome pairing and recombination, this technique is useful only for placing genes to a chromosome arm.
the pairing of food and wine
the dancers made a fine pairing
The game was becoming predictable, so Pardew introduced the unpredictable gifts of Teddy Sheringham alongside Zamora, indicating that the manager is still undecided about his ideal front pairing .
the pairing of food and wine
I felt somewhat outside of things - it definitely felt like there was a lot of coupling or pairing of conversations going on, and I felt like I wasn't really welcome in many of them.
The husband wife pairing of Asha and Lord Burman gave us so many great songs in the 70s like Teesri Manzil, Chura Liya, etc.