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pair / пара, чета, супружеская чета
имя существительное
couple, pair, two, match, twosome, brace
couple, pair
супружеская чета
pair, spouse
жених с невестой
brigade, team, crew, squad, pair
имя прилагательное
pair, twin, double, companion, conjugate, sister
mate, pair, copulate, couple, match, tread
mate, pair, couple, match
располагать парами
подбирать под пару
match, pair
располагаться парами
имя существительное
a set of two things used together or regarded as a unit.
a pair of gloves
join or connect to form a pair.
a cardigan paired with a matching skirt
I think one of them had a pair of nines and one had a pair of aces.
I yanked a white boat neck sweater over the gray halter to pair with the pleated gray skirt I was wearing.
The pair of articles provoked a large number of responses from readers.
He made history in the old days when he competed in ploughing championships with a pair of horses, at which he excelled.
It was a very pretty dress and she was wearing light blue shoes matching a pair of small gloves on her hands.
The lowest winning hand can be a single pair , an ace and king, or even a single high card.
she enjoys driving her pair
Before Brian had a chance to reply, a chariot carrying a single lady, pulled by a pair of white horses, went by.
A pair of horses was pulling a plough off in a field to the right of the village and a tall woman was guiding the plough.
Pair a basic pair of jeans with a shirt you really like, or a cool belt or shoes.