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painterly / живописная
имя прилагательное
of or appropriate to a painter; artistic.
she has a painterly eye
The paint is always thick, and Spruell's painterly touch is rather blunt (to the point of being terse).
Interestingly, for all Rauch's fractious subject matter, his painterly touch isn't turbulent at all, but instead measured, calm and neat.
His use of the double exposure contributes to this painterly feel by rendering an outline of second colour, giving his photographs their depth and lustre.
His painterly interpretations of place and moment are bolstered by an alert formalism and a chromatic appetite that often induce him to take color harmonics to their limits.
Saito prepares even grounds in pale though not pastel - colors, upon which he proceeds to work the time-honored alchemy of painterly expression.
His pen-and-ink medium now includes heavy doses of watercolor, making painterly qualities more emphatic.
There is a spontaneity, a wonderful painterly quality that bridges several techniques and makes them unlike other mediums.
To his detractors, Guston symbolized the regression of American culture, its surrender of serious painterly values to the vulgar sirens of mass culture.
The painterly realists who directly succeeded the Action painters in the '60s and '70s might seem like Brewster's natural neighbors.
The most significant departure from this painterly orthodoxy is his shift from canvas to blocks made of plaster or wood.