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paintbrush / кисть
имя существительное
brush, paintbrush, tassel, raceme, cluster, pencil
имя существительное
a brush for applying paint.
The artist's easel, paint box, palettes, paintbrushes and dried tubes of paint occupied a corner.
a North American plant that bears brightly colored flowering spikes with a brushlike appearance.
The wetter areas support meadows containing Missouri goldenrod, false toadflax, golden-glow, Indian paintbrush , Mariposa lily, death camas, and prairie smoke.
I like the physical connection of painting with a paintbrush .
The portrait is dominated by her own image, holding a palette and a paintbrush in her hands.
After it cools, use a wide paintbrush to apply one layer of paste under the flier and one on top.
Now, gaudy flowers crowd the brooks - paintbrush , gentian, columbine.
Her innovative technique is part traditional painting and part sketching with a paintbrush dipped in color.
Use an artist's paintbrush or any tiny brush and apply stain to the scratch using a similar color to that on the floor.
The technique-known as ‘relief etching’ - involved applying his design to a sheet of copper using a paintbrush dipped in a mixture of salad oil and candle grease.
His drag of the paintbrush across the canvas inspires other human feelings, like an affectionate touch.
Dipping her paintbrush in red and black she put the paintbrush to canvas and got lost in her thoughts once again.
She jumped off the stool, dipping her paintbrush into the jar and stepping back, holding the brush out like a sword.