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paint / краска, окраска, румяна
имя существительное
paint, dye, color, flush, stain, tint
coloring, painting, coloration, paint, dyeing, colouration
rouge, blusher, paint
paint, dye
color, paint, dye, stain, do out, colour
paint, fill
имя существительное
a colored substance that is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.
a can of paint
a piebald horse.
a paint mare
cover the surface of (something) with paint, as decoration or protection.
the walls hadn't been painted for years
depict (someone or something) or produce (a picture) with paint.
I painted a woman sitting next to a table lamp
the paint has been applied to the surface with a palette knife
Although I'm going to the paint horse show in the morning there was nothing today to bounce me out early.
She showed Paul the results - a once white Kleenex covered with layers of pale colored foundation and white paint .
Young's Airframe Repair did the skins and when a new set was completed, Mike would prime and paint the skins so that they would be ready for installation.
We did test some acrylic paint on tiles and it was just totally unsatisfactory so we chose what, I guess, was the appropriate paint for the surface.
Photoshop has long been a leader among graphics manipulation and paint software.
The door was metal with no handle, and painted with white paint now flaking off.
He is fond of thin paint and frequently layers a dark blue or black wash over phosphorescent pastel hues.
Whatever the reason, Thompson has been fortunate to avoid being trapped in the paint all the time, a fact that has greatly enhanced his game.
No artificial paint or any colouring agent is coated on the surface.