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painstaking / кропотливый, тщательный, старательный
имя прилагательное
painstaking, near
thorough, meticulous, rigorous, close, accurate, painstaking
diligent, studious, painstaking, willing, careful, laborious
имя существительное
zeal, diligence, fervor, industry, assiduity, painstaking
diligence, effort, endeavor, application, exertion, painstaking
имя прилагательное
done with or employing great care and thoroughness.
painstaking attention to detail
Forensic experts yesterday continued the painstaking search for clues to the London bombers.
The training was with painstaking precision and hard work was expected of all of us.
Although one has to admire the painstaking attention to detail in keeping the scaffold holes.
Lots of painstaking research work went before we came up with the design.
The officers then begin the painstaking job of searching the house for drugs and stolen property.
Bringing such a collection to life took months of painstaking research and development.
It took almost a decade of meticulous and painstaking work to empty the tomb of Tutankhamen.
After a year of painstaking scientific research, the world's funniest joke was revealed on yesterday.
It is a historical document showing the author's painstaking research and narrative skills.
Besides, tons of hard work, painstaking efforts and perseverance are required.