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painfully / болезненно, больно
painfully, badly, oversensitively
painfully, hard, badly
in a painful manner or to a painful degree.
she coughed painfully
progress was painfully slow
New copyright legislation is in the offing but it's a painfully slow process.
The demon turned to look at Ryuko, dropping Jade on the spot and leaving her to rub her neck painfully .
Rubbing her sore bottom painfully , she jerked her head up to see who had run into her.
I don't know why the film got panned so much - for me it's exquisitely, painfully beautiful.
It was a classic moment of inclusion which I felt acutely and painfully outside of.
It'd make a change from the painfully bad music he's made in the past.
She was painfully thin, you could see every rib and back bone on her.
The man let Madeleine go and she fell to the ground, clutching her neck painfully .
It's an elegant film but one that fails to engage, mainly because of the painfully slow pace.