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pained / страдальческий, огорченный, обиженный
имя прилагательное
pained, anguished, die-away
sorry, pained, grieved, sore, chagrined, disappointed
resentful, aggrieved, pained, injured, sore, disadvantaged
имя прилагательное
affected with pain, especially mental pain; hurt or troubled.
a pained expression came over his face
cause mental or physical pain to.
it pains me to say this
Her whole face shriveled up into a pained , dried-apple doll expression.
It could account for the pained expression on his face, the knitted eyebrows and his cross-eyed look of concentration.
Her sobs died away, her pained expression softening.
‘I think there was humour in that,’ he says with a pained expression.
Consequently I spent the rest of the week on a beach on an island in paradise with a pained expression on my face, and unable to move around without squealing.
The office slowly filled up with pained expressions.
More often than not her exasperated and slightly pained expression could only hint at the atrocities I had committed upon her native tongue.
A pained expression lit his face and grabbed his head in pain.
We all look at him with pained expressions but he doesn't notice us - he's too busy chatting with his colleague.
In the next shop, Stephanie had hardly crossed the threshold when she caught her foot on raised piece of carpet and fell to the floor nursing her ankle and with a pained expression on her face.