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paid / оплаченный, нанятый
имя прилагательное
paid, paid-up
имя прилагательное
(of work or leave) for or during which one receives pay.
a one-month paid vacation
give (someone) money that is due for work done, goods received, or a debt incurred.
he paid the locals to pick his coffee beans
suffer a loss or other misfortune as a consequence of an action.
the destroyer responsible for these atrocities would have to pay with his life
give or bestow (attention, respect, or a compliment) on (someone).
no one paid them any attention
seal (the deck or hull seams of a wooden ship) with pitch or tar to prevent leakage.
It is run by a small team of paid staff and a large number of volunteers from all over the world.
Somebody, somewhere - please give Green Fairy an incredibly highly paid writing gig.
The burden could grow exponentially as the female participation rate in paid employment escalates.
Most Germans have as many as six weeks of paid vacation during the year.
We will be advertising soon and it will be one of the best paid nursing jobs in the country.
We offer a competitive benefits package including medical insurance, paid vacation and holidays.
Nobody would argue that paid maternity leave is anything but a good thing.
The majority, some 66 percent, it said, left for paid employment.
Highly paid civil servants faced six per cent cuts in their wages in three phases.
Please can you suggest some form of genuine paid work at home that my husband or I could do?