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pah / укрепленная туземная деревня
имя существительное
укрепленная туземная деревня
used to express disgust or contempt.
“Pah! They know nothing.”
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, any of a group of chemicals formed during the incomplete burning of organic substances.
I've heard talk that a second female has shown up and is causing some trouble with the established pair - pah !
Most of those executive types - pah , they're jerks, it's like they think they're entitled to do whatever they want.
Modern horror, pah - give me a proper Victorian ghost story anytime.
They couldn't sing or dance that well, they weren't too pretty, and above all they were a manufactured band - pah !
No longer can that notion be dismissed with a contemptuous pah .
I know they have to park somewhere I just wish it was somewhere else - pah humbug!
And we diligently ensure that harmless old Biggs remains locked up… justice pah !
And, pah , half the time Cmxs simply don't work anyway.
Crazy what people will do to advertise their site, pah !