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pagoda / пагода, легкая постройка
имя существительное
легкая постройка
имя существительное
a Hindu or Buddhist temple or sacred building, typically a many-tiered tower, in India and East Asia.
Buddhist temples incorporate pagodas , a design which came from India around the first century C.E. (the time when the religion made its way to China).
The tall, zelkova tree beside the pagoda is draped with lanterns on the Buddha's Birthday in May of every year.
The site featured an orangery (precursor to the modern greenhouse), a pagoda , and an archway designed by the architect Sir William Chambers.
They managed to walk two kilometres to the relative safety of a Buddhist pagoda where he met an American Sri Lankan whose uncle owned a farm a further three kilometres away.
The design of a redwood shade shelter can vary from a lattice trellis to a post, beam and rafter construction or the more elaborate angles of a pagoda or gazebo-style shelter.
Here, where the river takes a sharp U-turn, a suspension bridge connects the highway to a small mountain studded with a temple, a towering pagoda and a large golden statue of the Buddha.
Tetra found the queen exactly where the messenger had said, out in the summer pagoda in the palace gardens, with her eldest daughter Erris.
He built a brick pagoda and kept 3,000 Buddha statues at Sokjjang-sa where he lived.
There seems to be endless jewelled demons, gilded temples (called wats) and tall pagodas .
The landscaped gardens are complemented by eastern temples, Nepalese pagodas and roaming peacocks.
The tours begin in Hanoi, where guests will visit the Museum of Ethnology, the old craft quarter and several pagodas and temples, including the Tay Phuong Pagoda.