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pagination / нумерация страниц, пагинация
имя существительное
нумерация страниц
имя существительное
the sequence of numbers assigned to pages in a book or periodical.
The section of notes, by the way, contains no references to the book's pagination , and it can be quite a struggle to find a note when you think you need one (which may or may not be there in the end).
More disturbing is the pagination , since each article preserves the page-numbers from its first context, the only distinction between the articles being a superimposed Roman numeral on each page, each having its own number.
In particular he committed the paper to greatly increased pagination , funded by classified advertising.
But readers may find it difficult to follow the brief explanatory notes, which are keyed to pagination , but neither indicated nor signalled on the relevant pages.
I shall therefore confine myself to setting out, with pagination , the passages which he contends are libellous of him (as well as highly damaging to his reputation as a serious historian).
While I understand it may be difficult to cite the exact page number (since the pagination is not set until all other changes are made) it should be possible.
Quinn is preparing for a redesign of The Irish Catholic, which will expand its pagination by four pages, making it a 24-page publication.
Details of mistakes in pagination and in signature numbering, very frequent in this corpus, are given in full.
The pagination will drop, probably to an average of 230 pages per issue, he adds.
The pagination system used is somewhat confusing as some page numbers were missing in my copy.
To even begin to establish the edition I would need to do a collation, so that I could identify it, based on its format, pagination , typography, and the like, by comparing it with Online and printed bibliographic sources.