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pageboy / паж, мальчик-слуга
имя существительное
page, henchman, footboy, page-boy, train-bearer
page-boy, knave, page
имя существительное
a woman's hairstyle consisting of a shoulder-length bob with the ends rolled under.
This great site invites you to take a step back into the past where you can relive classic hairstyles such as the bouffant, the flip, the pixie and the pageboy .
a male page, especially in a hotel or attending a bride at a wedding.
The fashion shows will provide plenty of creative ideas for brides and grooms, but will also extend to include selections for the entire wedding party, ranging from flower girls and pageboys to the mother of the bride.
Casually dressed in a white linen shirt and sporting a pageboy haircut, the Spanish star reflected on his career and family life in New York with wife, Melanie Griffith.
Flowergirl was Sinead Gavaghan, niece of the bride and pageboy was Michael O'Brien, nephew of the groom.
Flower girl was Caoimhe McHale niece of the bride and pageboy was Stephen Doherty.
The couple, who shared a home in Bolton Road West, Ramsbottom, had been together for three years and had a two-year-old son Luca, who was due to be a pageboy at their wedding.
She asks, and for the first time, I look at her, really look at her, the line of her blond pageboy haircut, the crust of lipstick around her mouth.
She was in her early thirties, blonde hair cut in a pageboy style.
By the 1940s the trend towards uniformity had eased and hair could be worn shoulder length in a pageboy style or curling at the ends or bunched in curls on top of the head.
Zerdith must have let his shocked, sorrowful emotions show on his face, because the young pageboy offered up a word of comfort.
Her eyes blazed out of a heart-shaped face under a long, white pageboy haircut, ebony lashes framing their violet fire.
A teacher dressed up as a pageboy stood up and was tapping a mike.