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pageant / зрелище, карнавальное шествие, маскарад
имя существительное
spectacle, sight, show, scene, pageant, raree-show
карнавальное шествие
masquerade, pageant, mummery, fancy-dress ball
имя существительное
a public entertainment consisting of a procession of people in elaborate, colorful costumes, or an outdoor performance of a historical scene.
Street pageants , parades and outdoor concerts have been lined-up to entertain locals and visitors and the street spectacular should not be missed for those who enjoy the magic of performance arts.
The colourful pageant marks the start of a country-wide programme of more than 600 entertainments at key historical sites, which aims to attract 10 million visitors.
they brought the history books to life at the town's pageant
A variety of celebrations are under consideration, including a pageant of the town's history, a statue although the subject continues to be a matter of controversy and a street party for children.
the pageant of public life
It will feature the school band, school choir, dancing as well as a history pageant featuring St. Patrick, King Henry V111, and Famous Irish Women.
The festivities climax tomorrow in a royal state procession and a colourful pageant of music, dance and theatre.
The entertainment value of the pageant from the celebrity panel to the colourful performances of the contestants will be able to interest and excite people not only in the show but in the package itself.
It's a grand pageant set in elaborate 17th century costumes of wigs, breeches, tights and ruffs.
The centerpiece of the 1954 Tostal was a historical pageant at Tara.
I hope this pageant can reflect women's strong desire to beautify themselves and seek after their own unique style.