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page / страница, полоса, паж
имя существительное
page, sheet, leaf, format, place
band, strip, stripe, streak, lane, page
page, henchman, footboy, page-boy, train-bearer
нумеровать страницы
page, paginate
сопровождать в качестве пажа
имя существительное
one side of a sheet of paper in a collection of sheets bound together, especially as a book, magazine, or newspaper.
These are rare times when artists who make images that document and comment on our present are being shown on walls and in the pages of magazines and books.
a young person, usually in uniform, employed in a hotel or other establishment to run errands, open doors, etc..
With all my nerves bunching up in my stomach, I walked out my door where an Italian page was waiting, he led me to the back rooms and let me in.
leaf through (a book, magazine, or newspaper).
she was paging through an immense pile of Sunday newspapers
divide (a piece of software or data) into sections, keeping the most frequently accessed in main memory and storing the rest in virtual memory.
Also, nVidia announced that with the driver release on May 21st, there would be a significant boost in performance during audio operations, as less bandwidth would be taken up due to memory paging optimizations in the drivers.
assign numbers to the pages in (a book or periodical); paginate.
Some of the references are incorrectly paged .
summon (an individual) by name, typically over a public address system, so as to pass on a message.
no need to interrupt the background music just to page the concierge
a text file reader enables you to page through the authors text file using indexes
It was over now, a page in history ending almost two years ago.
the inconsistency of this transaction has no parallel on any page of our political history
A rare book store which was nearly destroyed in an arson attack has turned a new page in its history.
It is much the same time the Ninth Legion disappears off the page of history.
They are, essentially, just an extended version of a newspaper editorial page with many varied, individual voices.
I'll read the letters page of any newspaper within reach.
If you need a more detailed description of the making of a Japanese woodblock print, read the page about Japanese prints.
Born in Holland, Keppel attended William of Orange to England in 1688 as a page of honour.
the vote will form a page in the world's history