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paean / пеан, победная песня
имя существительное
победная песня
имя существительное
a song of praise or triumph.
Where other singers had songs that (even tangentially) referred to the hardships of life, the Copper family's songs are mostly paeans of praise to a farming life that is hard work, but rewarding.
But the book was ultimately a paean to man's fighting spirit.
In the armies of classical Greece, the paean or war-chant was the standard opening to set-piece battles.
This novel is a dreamy paean to a place that at times seems to transcend the bounds of reality.
Then, gradually, a light is seen in Diemut's room, and suddenly all the flames burst out, and the opera ends in a paean of love.
The title is drawn from the Song of Solomon - a paean to life at its most intense.
The first few minutes of the film are a paean to romantic love, recreating that intensity and joy with disarming simplicity.
The film, then, works both as a paean to old age and a bittersweet look at a bygone era.
In its fuller exposition, the poem is a paean to the westward expansion of the country.
The whole production, really, is a paean to the beauty of Olivia, who, as played by Blais, displays none of the blandness this character sometimes falls into.
Beethoven's only opera, both a love story and a paean to freedom, is full of dramatic and musical inconsistencies, yet it works brilliantly.