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padre / католический священник, судовой священник, полковой священник
имя существительное
католический священник
padre, presbyter
судовой священник
полковой священник
имя существительное
the title of a priest or chaplain in some regions.
While he is the Catholic Chaplain, and there are a number of other denominations among the coalition of the clergy, Father Pat believes the padres offer more than just spiritual guidance.
Prayers and dedication were led by branch padre , the Rev David Porter, and an Act of Homage was given by Ted Griffiths, who is president of the York Branch of the Royal British Legion.
The padre said a memorial service for the wider community to remember the men who died would be held in the future, possibly at the end of April.
If our members can't get to London we may have a service at Christ Church, as the vicar Simon Stevenette is our branch padre .
Fred, freshly ordained as a Presbyterian minister was about to start service as a patrolling padre for the Australian Inland Mission.
A Horsforth parachutist padre also made the news for his part in the Sicilian landings.
The Army's first full-time female padre , Chap Catie Inches-Ogden, believes that life offers opportunities and you have a choice to take them or not.
Another veteran of the 1960 Rome Olympics taking part is the Rev Basil Pratt, who was an Army padre in the Falklands and the first Gulf War.
It was in a spot like this that Illyn experienced the epiphany that led him to become God's padre of wild places.
An Army padre led the service with readings by several Defence personnel.
He kept close to his side a Church of Scotland padre , the Reverend George Duncan, who inadvertently reinforced his sense of divine inspiration.