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padlock / висячий замок
имя существительное
висячий замок
запирать на висячий замок
имя существительное
a detachable lock hanging by a pivoted hook on the object fastened.
It was locked with a padlock , and padlocks are especially easy to pick.
secure with a padlock.
a padlocked door
Anyone can snap shut an open padlock - you don't need a key to lock it - but opening it again is really tough.
Indeed, many ‘soft’ cases can be locked with a simple padlock but don't offer the kind of protection a hard-shell case or box can deliver.
This is basically a lock box with an unusual two-piece anti-pry construction that locks with a quality padlock .
We padlock the box and send it to our colleague who then padlocks it with his padlock and returns it to us.
Secure septic tank lids with locking mechanisms such as a padlock , specialized bolts, or other devices to keep out children and animals.
The room was small, with machinery set on one side, behind bullet proof containers which were locked with a padlock .
It was locked with a padlock , and padlocks are especially easy to pick.
The padlock on my garden shed was sawn open and the contents rummaged through though nothing was stolen due to a heavy main gate preventing this.
a padlock on the garden gate
The offenders broke into the ground floor shop through a metal reinforced door - with five locks, a padlock and two steel bars - sometime before 6am on Tuesday.