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paddy / приступ гнева, необрушенный рис, ярость
имя существительное
приступ гнева
conniption, paddy, conniption fit, wax, fume, paddywhack
необрушенный рис
fury, rage, anger, wrath, ire, paddy
имя существительное
a field where rice is grown.
But he did not receive water from the government irrigation scheme in time, the paddy field dried out and he could not get a good harvest.
имя существительное
an Irishman (often as a form of address).
After weeks in the heat and dust of the plains, we smelt for the first time the chlorophyll scent of ripe crops: terrace upon terrace of salad-green rice paddy .
There are paddy , cucumbers and long beans that are ready for the harvest.
The paddy is the rice as it comes from the plant through the harvester, when this goes through the mill, this husk is removed which leaves brown rice, and then further milling will turn this into white rice.
A pinewood house with a shiny tin roof awaits his family of nine, as well as a plot of rice paddy .
This would help the consumer, producer and the poor women who process paddy and sell rice.
The 38-year-old rice-grower plans to convert his 2,000 square metres of rice paddy into fruit orchards.
The waters in these three rivers irrigate the plains of Punjab, which produce most of the wheat and paddy that Indians eat and, if any left, export.
In October 2002, the State Government had revised the water rates for sugarcane, paddy , wheat, cotton, groundnut, sunflower and other crops.
The government therefore has frozen rice procurement price at the 2002 level of Rs 6.10 for a kilogram of rice paddy .
Young coconuts and clay jugs were positioned above the stage, which was decorated with sugarcane leaves, paddy , garlic and chilies.