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paddle / весло, лопасть, лопатка
имя существительное
paddle, oar
blade, vane, paddle, fan, peel, float
shoulder blade, scapula, vane, paddle, shoulder, trowel
splash, splatter, dabble, plash, swash, paddle
hobble, totter, toddle, stumble along, dodder along, paddle
играть руками
имя существительное
a short pole with a broad blade at one or both ends, used without an oarlock to move a small boat or canoe through the water.
At the crack of dawn, as you slice through the calm river with quiet paddle strokes, your canoe glides upstream through a bank of fog that will slowly burn off with each cast of your fishing rod.
an act of walking with bare feet in shallow water.
While the more adventurous, or foolhardy, jumped over the waterfalls, I went for a quick paddle to soothe my aching feet.
move through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles.
he paddled along the coast
beat (someone) with a paddle as a punishment.
he was firm in his conviction that his children would never be paddled
walk with bare feet in shallow water.
the children paddled at the water's edge
An old fashioned metal ice cream scoop or a flat metal paddle scoop works well to clean out the inside of a pumpkin.
The public has been advised not to swim or paddle in areas where algal scums are present and fishermen have been urged to avoid contact with water in areas where the algal scum is present.
A typical morning workout consists of a 12-kilometer paddle , a 10k run, and weight training.
a gentle paddle on sluggish water
The stretch of path from town in the Keighley Road direction after rain is bad unless you are wearing Wellingtons or don't mind a paddle .
There were no swans to paddle around on top of a mirror.
Yes, the paddle is allowed to block the ball and you can bump the ball forward to the direction you wish to travel, but you're not allowed to take a swing at it, you're not allowed to treat it like a cricket bat.
Swimming crabs can easily be recognized by the fact that their hindmost legs have developed into ‘swimmerets’, paddle shaped at the ends so that they can be used for propulsion.
I let the canoe drift with the current, trailing my paddle in the mocha-colored water.
Oklahoma school administrators say that while corporal punishment remains legal in the state, they rarely reach for the paddle .