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pad / блокнот, подушка, подкладка
имя существительное
notebook, notepad, pad, scratchpad, tablet, sketchpad
pillow, cushion, pad, chock, saddle, bearer
lining, liner, pad, backing, pillow, wadding
complement, supplement, pad, elaborate
fill, fill out, fill up, fill in, complete, pad
blow up, fan, blow, stir up, distend, pad
имя существительное
a number of sheets of blank paper fastened together at one edge, used for writing or drawing on.
So she gently ripped out a sheet of graph paper from her drawing pad and started drawing again.
a flat-topped structure or area used for helicopter takeoff and landing or for rocket launching.
I swerved around and checked on my team mates at the helicopter pad , ready to take off as soon as I gave them the signal.
a person's home.
the police raided my pad
the soft dull sound of steady steps.
he heard the pad of feet
fill or cover (something) with a soft material in order to give it a particular shape, protect it or its contents, or make it more comfortable.
a padded envelope
walk with steady steps making a soft dull sound.
she padded along the corridor
Conran originally planned to turn the house into a bachelor pad - the basement was to be a party room but is now a family room.
The guerrillas were driven to the helicopter pad which was established last night in the village.
The goal is to quickly pad the traveler's frequent-flier accounts with lots of miles - but for not a lot of cash.
he heard the pad of feet
When I emerged I saw the T-plane parked on a helicopter pad on the rooftop of a hospital.
Edella beams, but doesn't look up from her yellow pad of paper and little drawings.
I tore a sheet of paper from the pad and began my message.
she sketched something on a big white pad
The two males held their silence as she finished, all the noise ceased apart from the soft pad of hooves in the night air.
a pad of cotton wool