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packing / упаковка, уплотнение, набивка
имя существительное
packaging, packing, package, pack, wrapping, boxing
sealing, gasket, packing, consolidation, compression, condensation
packing, pack, stuffing, gasket, padding, filling
имя прилагательное
packing, pack
имя существительное
the action or process of packing something.
the handling, packing, and shipping of products
fill (a suitcase or bag), especially with clothes and other items needed when away from home.
I packed a bag with a few of my favorite clothes
fill (a jury, committee, etc.) with people likely to support a particular verdict or decision.
his efforts to pack the Supreme Court with men who shared his ideology
I was unable to take off from work much so he handled most of the packing ; upon our arrival at our new home we discovered most of our plates were broken.
In front of the incinerator is a huge pile of garbage, including packing bags, plastic bottles and foam boards.
Maybe if I go and tell him that, maybe he could charge more for the packing and pay us.
The company specialised in the manufacture of corrugated and protective packing .
The next morning Britt woke me up and told me she had already finished my packing since I had everything already laid out for it.
Jada finished the packing and the suitcases were neatly placed side by side in her bedroom.
This packing is self lubricating, mechanically strong and widely used in chemicals, petrochemicals, power plants, paper, pulp and food industries.
People were of course prepared to some degree, those whose homes flooded annually were well into the process of packing and moving.
she finished her packing
The thing is, I should be forced to live in a big giant ball of those plastic packing bubbles that are so fun to pop.